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  1. The opportunity that God sends does not wake up him who is asleep.-Senegal
  2. He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers. - Cameroon
  3. One does not cross a river without getting wet. - Zululand
  4. The bird flies high but always returns to earth. - Nigeria
  5. If you try to cleanse others, like soap, you will waste away in the process. - Madagascar
  6. A paddle here, a paddle there, the canoe stays still. - Sierra Leone
  7. The most beautiful fig may contain a worm.
  8. If the lizard is not given praise, he will praise himself. - Nigeria
  9. Without life, there is nothing. - Zululand
  10. What has been blown away cannot be found. - Ethiopia
  11. Follow the customs or flee the country. - Zululand
  12. If relatives help each other, what evil can hurt them? - Ethiopia
  13. He who learns, teaches. - Ethiopia
  14. One camel does not make fun of the other camel's hump. - Guinea
  15. A woman without a man is like a field without seed. - Ethiopia
  16. When the conversation lags, a proverb will revive it.
  17. One bracelet does not jingle alone.
  18. Wisdom does not come over night.
  19. What goes around, comes around.
  20. Absence makes the heart forget. - Kenya
  21. If your mouth turns into a knife, it will cut your lips. - Zimbabwe
  22. One falsehood spoils a thousand truths. - Ashanti
  23. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. - Jabali Wazuri
  24. A man dedicated to a noble and sacred cause is dedicated to the cause of the independence and integrity of his race. - Marcus Garvey
  25. Two small antelopes can beat a big one. - Ashanti
  26. A horse has four legs, yet it often falls. - Zululand
  27. There is no phrase without a double meaning. - Guinea
  28. A coward is full of precaution. - Somalia
  29. Seeing is better than hearing. - Nigeria
  30. I have a cow in the sky, but cannot drink her milk. - Ethiopia
  31. Dare to struggle, dare to win.
  32. In unity, there is strength.
  33. Words are beautiful, deeds are divine.
  34. Living is worthless for one without a home. - Ethiopia
  35. We as African people are like a maid in a house, in it, but not of it.
  36. It is better to travel alone than to travel with a bad companion. - Senegal
  37. The sweet rice is eaten quickly. - Sierra Leone
  38. To be without a friend is like to be poor, indeed. - Somalia
  39. A strawberry blossom will not sweeten dry bread. - Uganda
  40. A word uttered cannot be taken back. - Zulu Nation
  41. The dog I brought bit me, the fire I kindled burned me. - Ethiopia
  42. Thunder is not yet rain. - Guinea
  43. Where there is no shame, there is no honor. - Ethiopia
  44. We start as fools and become wise through experience. - Tanganyika
  45. What is inflated too much will burst into fragments. - Ethiopia
  46. When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. - Ethiopia
  47. He who upsets a thing should know to rearrange it. - Sierra Leone
  48. If you are hiding, do not light a fire. - Ashanti
  49. If a single hair has fallen from your head, you are not yet bald. - Sierra Leone
  50. Before shooting, one must aim. - Nigeria
  51. It is not what you call me, but what I answer to.
  52. The friends of our friends are our friends. - Congo
  53. A close friend can become a close enemy. - Ethiopia
  54. If you speak, speak to him who understands. - Senegal
  55. Copying everybody else all the time, the monkey one day cut his throat. - Zululand
  56. The man marches slowly, but he crosses the town. - Ashanti
  57. Spilled water is better than a broken jar. - Senegal
  58. A thief is always under suspicion. - Somalia
  59. Ashes fly back into the face of he who throws them. - Nigeria
  60. Little by little, grows the banana. - Congo
  61. Before eating, open thy mouth. - Mauritania
  62. To try and to fail is not laziness. - Sierra Leone
  63. Only after the food has burned do we remember the pot.
  64. Ability is wealth.
  65. One who digs too deep for a fish may come out with a snake.
  66. What one hopes for is always better than what one has. - Ethiopia
  67. If the house is not smiling, neither is the spirit.
  68. Searching for the dawn, you will not enjoy the day.
  69. The horse who arrived early gets good drinking water. - Zululand
  70. An orange never bears a lime. - Sierra Leone
  71. Do not try to make someone hate the person he loves, for he will go on loving him, but he will hate you. - Senegal
  72. When the leopard is away his cubs are eaten. - Rwanda-Burundi
  73. It is a bad child who does not take advice.
  74. Even an ant may harm an elephant. - Zululand
  75. It is best to bind up the finger before it is cut. - Basutoland
  76. Since he has no eyes, he says eyes smell bad.
  77. Not to know is bad, not to wish to know is worst. - Niger
  78. A bad son gives a bad name to his mother. - Ivory Coast
  79. Rain beats a leopard's skin, but it does not wash out the spots. - Ashanti
  80. The shadow of a man's life is seen from the contributions he left. -Akan
  81. Assuming there would be enough food, the man starves to death.
  82. A log may remain in the river forever, but it will not become a crocodile.
  83. Tile is like a road, pretty, but crooked. - Cameroon
  84. Patience is the key of well being.
  85. In wisdom and knowledge is power.
  86. The people united, can never be defeated.
  87. Words that flow from the mouth without meaning are like an endless river.
  88. A wise man who knows his proverbs can reconcile difficulties. - Niger
  89. He who has done evil, expects evil. - Guinea
  90. If you find no fish, you have to eat bread. - Ghana
  91. A brother is like a shoulder. - Somalia
  92. He who cannot dance will say 'The drum is bad.' - Ashanti
  93. By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed. - Ashanti
  94. Life is the highest prize.
  95. All good friends are bad friends to lose.
  96. What the child says, he has heard at home. - Nigeria
  97. The one-eyed man thanks God only when he sees a man who is totally blind. - Nigeria
  98. An intelligent enemy is better than a stupid friend. - Senegal
  99. No one tests the depth of a river by bathed feet. - Ashanti
  100. A little rain each day will fill the river to overflowing. - Liberia
  101. If there were no elephant in the jungle, the buffalo would be a great animal. - Ghana
  102. If the heart is sad, tears will flow. - Ethiopia
  103. Only a monkey understands a monkey. - Sierra Leone
  104. A good deed is something one returns. - Guinea
  105. The ruins of a nation begins in the homes of its people. - Ashanti
  106. When you follow in the path of your father, you will learn to walk like him. - Ashanti
  107. By trying often the monkey learns to jump from the tree. - Cameroon
  108. He who hunts two rats, catches none. - Buganda
  109. Let him speak who has seen with his eyes. - Congo
  110. The frog wanted to be as big as the elephant and he burst. - Congo
  111. No matter how full the river, it still wants to grow. - Congo
  112. Knowledge is better than riches. - Cameroon
  113. Even though the old man is strong and hearty, he will not live forever. - Ashanti
  114. One is born, one dies; the land increases. - Ethiopia
  115. The fool speaks, the wise man listens. - Ethiopia
  116. He who does not cultivate his field will die of hunger. - Guinea
  117. Fire and gun powder do not sleep together. - Ashanti
  118. Children are the reward of life. - Congo
  119. A cat may go to a monastery, but she still is a cat. - Ethiopia
  120. A silly daughter teaches her mother how to bear children. - Ethiopia
  121. He who is being carried does not realize how far the town is. - Nigeria
  122. No matter how long the night, day is sure to come. - Congo
  123. A white dog does not bite another white dog. - Kenya
  124. You do not teach the paths to an old garilla. - Congo
  125. He who refuses a gift will not fill his barn. - Sierra Leone
  126. Unless you call out, who will open the door. - Ethiopia
  127. If you offend, ask for pardon. If offended, forgive. - Ethiopia
  128. Before one cooks, one must have the meat. - Mauritania
  129. If a man does not know, and knows that he does not know and does not wish to know; teach him. If a man knows not, and knows not he knows not, he is a fool; help him. If a man knows that he knows, and knows how he knows and what he must do with what he knows, he is a leader; follow him. - Ashanti
  130. Evil enters like a needle and spreads like an oat tree. - Ethiopia
  131. Sitting is being cripple. - Ethiopia
  132. Not all the flowers of a tree produce fruit. - Mauritania
  133. When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly. - Buganda
  134. Where I make my living, there is my home. - Somalia
  135. Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested. - Guinea
  136. Dine with a stranger, but save your love for your family. - Ethiopia
  137. He who boasts much can do little. - Niger
  138. Rain does not fall on one roof alone. - Cameroon
  139. A fool and water will go the same way, they are diverted. - Ethiopia
  140. He who runs from a white ant may stumble upon the stinging ant. - Nigeria
  141. Blessed are those who struggle. Oppression is worse then the grave. It is better to die for a noble cause, then to live and die a slave. - The Last Poets.
  142. The humble pay for the mistakes of their betters. - Baguirmi
  143. Children of the same mother do not always agree. - Nigeria
  144. Great events stem from words of no importance. - Congo
  145. Love is like a baby, it needs to be treated tenderly. - Congo
  146. In turning knowledge of self is like coming in from the cold. - Kush
  147. A cutting word is worse than a bowstring. A cut may heal, but the cut of the tongue does not. - Mauritania
  148. It is only the slave who loves his master more than himself.
  149. If you burn a house, can you conceal the smoke? - Buganda
  150. There is gold and a mass of costly stones, but the most understanding lips are a most precious stone.
  151. When the fox dies, fowls do not mourn.
  152. A woman's beauty is not an index to her vertue.
  153. Poverty is slavery. - Somalia
  154. Advise and counsel him if he does not listen. - Ethiopia
  155. Do not believe all you hear but hope for the best and prepareaccordingly.
  156. To betray a trust is to cut yourself off from being trusted.
  157. Those who suffer least often cry out the loudest. - Aesop
  158. In times of trouble, one learns who his true friends are. - Aesop
  159. He who is envious can see no greatness in the achievement of others. - Aesop
  160. If we want our lives protected, we must protect the lives of others. - Aesop
  161. Clothes may disguise a fool until he opens his mouth. - Aesop
  162. In the face of common danger, small differences are best forgotten. - Aesop
  163. There is always someone worse off than ourselves. - Aesop
  164. What is right for one may be quite wrong for another. - Aesop
  165. Hard work can often yield to great riches. - Aesop
  166. Do not tell the man who is carrying you he stinks. - Sierra Leone
  167. Let rats shoot arrows at each other. - Sudan
  168. Two flowers confuse the polate. - Ivory coast
  169. Events follow one another like the days of the week. - Tanganyika
  170. Love is like young rice, transplanted, still it grows. - Madagascar
  171. It is the fool's sheep that break loose twice. - Ashanti
  172. It is no shame at all to work for money. - Ashanti
  173. Only a fool tries to jump fire. - Uganda
  174. Little is better than nothing. - Nigeria
  175. He who fails to plan, plans to fail.
  176. The old woman becomes uncomfortable when you speak of dry bones. - Nigeria
  177. Life is a shadow and a mist, it passes quickly by and is no more. - Madagascar
  178. It is nice soup that draws the seat.
  179. The housefly says that life is a head and behind.
  180. A child does not raise his father up to show him a cow.
  181. A child who asks questions does not become a fool.
  182. A child breaks a snails shell but not a tortoise's shell.
  183. The okra plant is never taller than the farmer.
  184. A dog eats bones but does not iron.
  185. If you trip, do not say I was dancing.
  186. What a person has is what he gives his loved ones.
  187. When you try to please everyone, you end up by pleasing no one. - Aesop
  188. The wise can learn from the misfortunes of others. - Aesop
  189. Two can play the same game. - Aesop

Live a proud, positive, and powerful life by living the Nguzo Saba.

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