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Kwanzaa symbols - Mkeka, Kinara, Mshumaa Saba, Muhindi, Zawadi, Mazao, Kikombe cha Umoja
Kwanzaa Symbols
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There are seven essential items needed for a Kwanzaa display. These 7 symbols are:

  1. MKEKA (straw mat) - represents african tradition and history, the foundation of our being.
  2. KINARA (candle holder) - represents our ancestors, upon whose shoulders we stand.
  3. MSHUMAA SABA (seven candles) - represents the seven principles of the Nguzo Saba, and one is lit for each day of Kwanzaa.
  4. MUHINDI (ears of corn) - represents the precious gift of children. Each ear of corn is represents each child of the family or one ear of corn for children hoped for.
  5. ZAWADI (gift) - represents the rewards of right actions, cultural and educational gifts to reinforce personal growth and achievement.
  6. MAZAO (crops, cornicopia of fruit) - represents the fruits of our collective and productive labors.
  7. KIKOMBE CHA UMOJA (unity cup) - represents oneness of purpose.

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